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Today, we’re happy to announce the introduction of full-screen support to Pokki. This comes a month after we launched support for WebGL, accelerated Canvas and CSS, and the Web Audio API. With these emerging HTML5 technologies in Pokki, web developers can now build modern and immersive games:

  • The full-screen API allows web apps and games to enter and exit full-screen programmatically, to deliver an immersive experience.
  • With WebGL, stunning 3D graphics are now possible with a JavaScript API based on OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • Canvas, SVG images, and CSS3 transitions are now GPU accelerated, where capable graphics hardware is available.
  • Web Audio API provides a JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio. An absolute must for modern games.

You can see all this technology in action with the Pokki HTML5 Tech Demo.

Developing full-screen games

If you’re developing a game for Pokki, the addition of full-screen support allows you to create a fully immersive gaming experience. To simplify adding the full-screen capability to a game we have implemented the existing HTML5 full-screen API, and designed an elegant user experience for transitioning between the window and full-screen.

We prepared a bare bones Pokki, called the Pokki Atom, which is full-screen enabled. You can download the source code from here.

Pokki 1UP Game Developers Contest

A reminder to all developers that the Pokki 1UP contest to build an awesome HTML5 game is currently running. Submit your entry by February 20th for a chance to win US$30K and a trip to the Game Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco. See details here.

Pokki update deployment

New users can download Pokki from, and existing users are automatically updated in the next 24-48 hours. If you can’t wait – click the update button below:
Pokki 0.246 Release Notes
  • Upgraded to Chromium 16.0.912.75
  • Support for HTML5 full-screen APIs
  • Raised Pokki package file limit to 400MB
  • Fix: Graphical rendering performance was slow in certain situations
  • Fix: Pokki installation was occasionally failing for a limit number of users
  • Fix: Pokki was occasionally preventing a Windows 7 computer from sleeping
  • Fix: Pokki uninstallation process occasionally showed an error dialog
  • Fix: Pokki occasionally crashed during uninstallation
  • Fix: Removing apps from a second page in the Pokki nut caused an error
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  • Brad G

    >HTML5 is one of my favorite web programming language since it's very adaptable. Thanks.
    seo perth