Are You Ready For Some Football?

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The Super Bowl is over, but that doesn’t have to mean no more football for you.  Madden NFL Superstars is on Pokki, baby! Break out the leftover wings and nachos and keep the game alive until next season.

Download Madden NFL Superstars right now and learn the ropes on how to run a successful franchise and compete against your friends for some awesome prizes and more importantly, bragging rights.

Madden NFL Superstars let’s you build the ultimate team:

  • Real NFL Player stats
  • Decide the plays and focus of your team
  • Build your franchise beyond just the Stadium with Practice Fields, Front Office, Training Facility, Players Club and Snickers Cafe, where I’m guessing they have some great desserts.
  • Strategically decide what to collect to enhance your franchise: Coins, XP, Fans or Practice
  • Updated NFL predictor
  • New cards and collections for Madden 12 rosters

Madden NFL Superstars on Pokki is the perfect way to keep the NFL season going as you pursue your OWN Super Bowl ring with your OWN team.

Get your football fix year round with Madden NFL Superstars and always remember the wise words of quarterback-legend Shane Falco, “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.”


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