Pokki 1UP Winners at GDC

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The Pokki team is out in full force at GDC and we got all the winners from the Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest with us and that can only mean one thing.  Pokki is going to show these developers how to really do GDC right.

We announced the winners at our panel at GDC and then set them up with meetings with all the big companies in the gaming industry.   Here is probably one of the strangest pictures you will see come out of GDC this year.

That is Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga on the left, Chester Ng, founder of Sweetlabs in the middle, and our first place winner Nick Liow, creator of Four Horsemen on the right.  Yes, he is wearing a horse mask and I am sure pretty sure Mark Pincus was not expecting to see that at at his own Zynga party.

We have some great meetings the rest of the week to help our great Pokki community of developers make connections and get their games in front of the right people, and meet with new developers to bring their great games and apps to the Pokki platform.

The Social Media and Online Game Summit was a blast and we met and talked with so many amazing developers that are creating some awesome games and they are very excited about bringing those to the Pokki platform.

If you are at GDC and see someone from the Pokki or Sweetlabs team, stop us and say hi.  We would love to meet you.  Also if you haven’t yet played the winning games from our Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest, you simply must do that now.

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