How to View Instagram Photos On Your Desktop with Instagrille

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Adding over 5 million users weekly, Instagram’s 50+ million photo community has sparked a wave of Instagram-for-just about anything services and tools. Instagram has become so ubiquitous that developing a real-life Instagram camera is not too far from reality. In the wake of Instagram’s growing popularity, the Instagrille Pokki desktop app continues to be the only Instagram-for-Windows app that allows you to view and share the latest photos from friends, and stay connected with the Instagram community directly from your desktop.

For those of you unfamiliar with the desktop app, here is a quick walk through to get you started.

Once you download Instagrille from the Pokki app store, you’ll notice the Instagrille logo appear on your Windows taskbar.  To move the app to a different location on your taskbar, click and drag on the Instagrille icon. When you fire up Instagrille you will start out on the Popular tab, where you can see the most popular Instagram photos at any given time.  You can click the refresh button in the upper right corner to update this tab with the latest photos.


The default view will organize the photos in a unique grid layout. Toggle between grid view and list view by clicking the buttons on the upper left hand corner. The list view displays the Instagram member ID, photo title, tags, and the option to share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or view it on


To browse and discover the photos from Instagramers that you follow, click on the Feed tab.  In order to view your feed, make sure to login with a valid Instagram account (create an account via the Instagram mobile app on iTunes App Store or Google Play).  To view a photo and see the comments, tags or number of likes, simply click on the image.


The photo detail view will show you the photo in all its filtered glory.  Simply scroll down to see the comments. The commentary and photo “likes” drive Instagram’s vibrant community.  Take a minute to explore the latest photos from your friends and family, like a few photos or leave comments.  You will need to log in with your Instagram account to participate in the community.


Instagram is about sharing and discovering beautiful photos. If you stumble upon an Instagram user whose photos you love, or want to browse through photos taken by specific people (including a laundry list of celebrities), Instagrille lets you do just that. Simply click on the user’s photo to load their personal feed. You can view their personal stats and even follow them on Instagram directly from the Instagrille desktop app.

From your Account tab you can see all the photos you have taken with Instagram. The account tab allows you to view and manage all of your followers.

Instagrille was developed to provide users with a beautiful, simple, and convenient  way to view Instagram photos. We believe that you should be able to enjoy Instagram in all its glory which includes your full screen laptop and personal computer monitors. One of our favorite features is the ability to drag and drop Instagram photos directly to your desktop. Simply click and drag the photo from the Instagrille app over to your  desktop, and voilà! You can now save and access your favorite photos directly from your computer, anytime!

We are working on a handful of new tools and features to make Instagrille an even more enjoyable desktop app experience. Please share your favorite Instagram photos with us on Twitter or Facebook, and tell us how we can make Instagrille more fun for you in the comment section below.

Happy viewing!

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  • Srikanth Krish

    Do you have a version for Linux systems as well?

    • Corey Gwin

      Hi Srikanth! Pokki is only available on Windows at this time.

  • Sara

    Ho scarica instagram per windows ma non mi riesce creare un account.. Come potrei fare? Grazie in anticipo:)

  • Nadiia Angulo

     how can i have an account! =S

  • Dikshit Mewara

    how i create account