Instagrille 2.0: Instagram on your computer

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Instagrille - The Instagram app for your computer

With 50 million users, a billion photos, and an astronomical growth rate, it’s no surprise the hottest mobile app Instagram was purchased for $1 billion by The Social Network, and continues to reign at the top of the most popular iPhone apps . Until Instagrille for Pokki, a billion PC users were out of the party and we’ve just made Instagrille even better. We’re proud to offer you a brand spankin’ new way of experiencing Instagram on your computer: Instagrille 2.0.

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Instagrille 2.0 is a complete revamp of the most popular Instagram desktop app, now providing you features not even available on iOS or Android. We’ve received tremendous support and love from fans all over the world, and have been listening carefully to all of the feedback. In addition to all your favorite Instagram features including feeds, profile views, comments and ‘likes’, Instagrille now comes equipped with tools you have never seen before on a desktop app. With Instagrille 2.0 you can view gorgeous photos in re-sizable windows, search Instagram photos that match your interests, discover photos taken from friends close by with a ‘Nearby’ feature, download photos directly to your computer, and much more!

Here is a quick preview of the new Instagrille:

Instagrille FeedInstagrille Grid ViewInstagrille Photo View


  • Receive real-time notifications when important updates occur – even when Instagrille is closed.
  • Browse and view popular photos and feeds, and toggle between an elegant grid or list view.
  • View photos with resizable windows. Take advantage of that huge computer monitor to enjoy your pictures in all their glory!
  • Download and save your favorite Instagram photos to your desktop.
  • Search users and photos that match your interests, and save your searches for future use.
  • Find pictures from users close by with new “Nearby” tab that displays photos recently taken near your current location. This feature is available even if you are not signed into your Instagram account.
  • Easily share photos with friends and family on social networks like Facebook and Twitter via the Instagrille desktop app as well as online at
  • “Like” and comment on uploaded photos with a single click.
  • Manage your community by following or unfollowing Instagram users directly from the app.
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What is Instagrille?
Instagrille is a free Instagram app for your computer. Instagrille enables users to view, share, search, and discover photos from Instagram directly on their Windows PCs.

How much is Instagrille?
Instagrille is free.

What is Pokki?
Pokki is an app platform that brings awesome apps (like Instagrille) and games to the desktop. To learn more about Pokki, visit here.

How do I download Instagrille?
Direct download link or visit

What are my system requirements?

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

How do I create an Instagram account?
To create an Instagram account, you must download the mobile app (iPhoneAndroid) and use it to create an account.

Can I upload photos to Instagrille from my PC?
Uploading photos is only available with your iOS and/or Android device at this time.

Do I have to sign in?
No, you can enjoy Popular and Nearby photos without signing in.

However, we recommend you sign in  to participate in the vibrant Instagram community by liking and commenting on photos and following users to see more of their latest creations.

We’re dedicated to making Instagrille the best Instagram photo-viewing experience on the desktop. We appreciate all your comments and feedback so please keep em’ coming!
Comments (77)
  • Saad

    am I the only one who can’t find the notifications ?? 

    • teampokki

      Hello Saad. The notifications appear as a badge on top of the Instagrille icon in the taskbar. See photo here:

      • Saad

        This showing the new posts only ..
        If some one like one of my posts or followed me how I can find it..

        And thanks for reply

  • Jaiyhan_norbac11

    how to share or download photos from my pc to instagrille?

    • Alan Masarsky

      We would love to allow users to upload photos from Instagrille. Sadly, we rely on Instagram’s API and it does not allow us to do so at this time. Hopefully this will change in the future!

  • Lily0422

    plz make it so that we can take pictures from our laptops and upload them to instagram

    • Adrian

      Instagram does not permit 3rd party apps, such as Instagrille, from uploading photos,

  • IssacChan

    How to change my profile picture in instagrille ??!

    • Alan Masarsky

      To change your Instagram profile picture, you would need to log in to Instagram on your mobile device, and change it from there.

    • joy pozon

      use gramblr.

  • Gabygallardo14

    is there another way to upload photos without using a phone….please make it as if you could upload on your PC 

    • Adrian

      Instagram does not permit 3rd party apps, such as Instagrille, from uploading photos,

  • Beeadasmartiexo

    Can You Please Allow Us To Change Our Profile Pictures & Upload Pictures From Our Pc , It Would Be Very Helpful & Useful (:

    • Adrian

      Instagram does not permit 3rd party apps, such as Instagrille, from uploading photos or changing profile picture.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    great app ……

  • Atef Original Little A

    Can I upload photos to Instagrille from my PC?Uploading photos is only available with your iOS and/or Android device at this time.
    ———————So, when it will be available ?

    • joy pozon

      Sir you can use the Gramblr app to upload photos using your computer.

  • Rosa_angel_sandoval

    How do I check my notifications like when someone want to follow me or liked a pic, or left a comment!?

  • TheGirl

    Can you make it were we can upload pics on our laptop..PLEASE

  • Trase10

    After launching Pokki_InstagrilleSetup in PC, my pc restart itself?

    What to do?

  • Khadijeah

    plz make it let us take photos and upload pictures from our laptops and put them to instagram

    • vicky

      Please omg yes please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please..ugh my fimgwrs hirt!!!:?????

      • kanya

        you guys can upload photos via Gramblr. enjoy!

  • Me Melodic

    i hope u ccan update it update it so we can edit our own pic ,and upload it just like in the phone..thankss..

  • rafa

    it doesn’t loading my feeds… i can see `popular tag but not my feed

  • kat

    Hoping that taking photos from our laptops and uploading them through instagrille would be possible already :) ) pretty please? Looking forward for it. Thanks!

  • Amr Zaki

    I have a 3G iPhone which is not supported by instagram any more.Can I download instagrille on it and upload photos ?

  • Adam Juneau

    right now i only have notification when i have new follower, can u make it like the instagram apps with likes and comments notification?

  • lifeblood

    how to change profile picture in instagrille?

  • Warayu Natasiri

    How can I dowload pics as .jpg file coz .png is too large!

  • Renz Carlo Gaspar

    please upgrade the instagrille add a feature that can upload photos for the sake of non android/ios users..

  • a

    please make it be able to take picture off ur laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila

    Please make it so that We Can Take A PICTURES via our PC :) please!

  • kleacamille

    it should have uploading features so that we can upload in our laptops:(

  • Reanimation

    Oh Instagrille i hope that i can UPLOAD picture on my Instagram using instagrille

  • lloyd noble

    why cant I sign in on instagrille and I make an account

  • MfaneloMfanza

    plz make a upload option available we really need one

  • Get More Instagram Followers

    I like this web site because so much utile stuff on here : D.

  • subhi shuqier

    Hi plz how can i see what others like ?? i want to see what photos do my friends like

  • Jessica

    I would love for us to be able to upload pictures using our pc. it would make instagrille 10x better

  • Amiya Young

    wtf!!! I wanna upload pics

  • yessikasaragih

    pliss . make it can upload my photo from my PC !

  • Jay-G911


  • l2ed

    nearby display’s people in alaska, I live 3000+ miles away from alaska. whats the deal here

  • ebba

    Make it possible to upload photos and change profile picture veeeeeerrrryyy sooooon! please.

  • schelly

    foreals thats what im sayin and we can be on instagram anywhere even on our computers

  • gokeh

    need to be able to upload pics from my laptop via instagrille

  • Afif Fakhri Riyadi

    could try to upload photos from pc

  • talal

    how can upload pictures

  • nothing special on instagrille

  • lala

    pls upgrade it :( so that we could upload pictures by using laptop :(

  • sofia

    i downloaded it but idk how to post pictures from my laptop

  • Kang Bao Xiong

    I agree with Lily0422 and Khadijeah.

  • asap

    i cant upload picture

  • Leila

    Can you give as a chance to upload our photos into instagrille? :33
    it would be fun and totally epik if you will.. :D
    please cause we don’t have a fancy phones for that :/

  • MarLey Mouasta

    Why cant i see if people want to follow me ?

  • Eric Woodchek

    Is it possible to download images with specific hashtag to desktop? Thanks!

  • PRC17

    I wish i could UPLOAD Photos on instagrille!

  • meir

    how do i change pro pic

  • S SS

    Please make a mobile version.. I want push notifications for updates from my followings.

  • nik

    but :) it :) does :) not :) upload :) my :) pics :) wow :)

  • Angie Locking

    How do you block users from instagrille?

  • Clara

    how to change profile picture from PC? x

  • Mari

    Where can I see “the likes” on the people I follow ?

  • TeeToo210

    really well done. I just wish i could view in notifications, the pictures that the people i am following like, because maybe i might like them too.

  • Anne Tecson

    how to put a profile picture on instagram using the instragille? please,answer

  • Sarah

    How do you change your profile picture from here??

  • KaCcHhA

    i guess making instragille able to upload photos will be far better……

  • Rachel

    how do i view my notifications

  • shawnscreativeside

    The real-time update has stopped working on all accounts. It just stated doing this on 10/19/2013, prior to that it worked fine. Is there a bug fix in the works?

  • Catty

    can you login into it with your instagram user ?

  • Jinky Sagum

    can i repost photos using instagrille??

  • Kellieg

    How do you change your profile pic on Instagrille though?

  • Jammy

    how can i can my DP ?

  • becca

    I cannot find my direct messages!!

  • Rick Stone

    it doesn’t work with my win 10 laptop. Do you have a compatible version for this OS?

  • Dave Kearney

    Can you see and read direct messages?