Indie Game Studio ‘Lost Decade Games’ Launches New HTML5 Game, Lunch Bug

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Lost Decade Games Creators, Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett, today announced the release of their new HTML5 strategy puzzle game called Lunch Bug. Lunch Bug has been optimized to work cross-platform and runs on essentially all modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as well as mobile browsers like Mobile Safari and the Android browser. The addictive puzzle game has also been made available on the desktop with Pokki and the Chrome Web Store.

The two veteran web developers founded Palo Alto-based game studio Lost Decade Games in 2010 to focus on creating high-quality HTML5 games like Lunch Bug.  In 2011, they worked with tech startup Game Closure to launch their first game, Onslaught! Arena, an award-winning medieval fantasy shoot ‘em up created with HTML5. Lunch Bug enabled Blair and Hackett to present an unparalleled level of convenience for their users, offering near-universal compatibility of a browser game with standalone software and apps.

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“With the emergence of HTML5 and its support by tech giants like Google and Microsoft, modern web browsers had finally become powerful enough to handle high-end games,” says Hackett. Blair and Hackett left their jobs in Febrary of 2012 to devote all their time on developing HTML5 games, paving the way for other HTML5 developers to follow, and producing their podcast ‘Lostcast‘ (Disclaimer: Lostcast is sponsored by yours truly). Their next game Lava Blade is a procedural-generated side-scrolling action game, set to be released in the fall of 2012.

In Lunch Bug the goal is to feed berries to adorable lunch bug creatures. In each turn, a random piece is given to the player to place on the board. Every piece has unique properties that, when placed on the board, affects the other pieces around it in interesting ways.

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During the first five levels in Lunch Bug you’re guided through the basic game mechanics and a tutorial that explains the function of the various elements (berries, bugs, mushrooms, and spades), each of which has unique properties that affect the game in their own way. As you progress through the game, players unlock new challenges, levels, graphics, and even new music from independent game composer Joshua Morse.

Part of the appeal of Lunch Bug is that players can earn coins, which in turn can be used to purchase select pieces to help you along. Lunch Bug also features a real-money store where players can purchase large amounts of coins with their Google accounts. Lunch Bug utilizes Google Wallet to enable in-app micro transactions, and because it lives on the open web, the payment system is available on all platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices.

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Let us know what you think of the game and make sure to follow Lost Decade Games on Twitter for more news and updates about their latest games.

You can play Lunch Bug on Pokki, the web, or Chrome store.

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