A New Look for the Pokki Menu

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We’re excited to ring in the new year by introducing to you a new look for the Pokki Menu!

Thanks in large part to feedback from the growing base of millions of Pokki users, we’ve given the Pokki Menu a facelift and added new customization capabilities, all about making Windows (especially Windows 8) even better.

Since the launch of Windows 8, we’ve seen over 1.5 million Pokki downloads on the new OS itself and users opening the Pokki Menu an average of 10 times a day. These early numbers demonstrate that users enjoy being able to instantly access and discover apps, straight from the desktop.

At Pokki, we pride ourselves in raising the bar for software design on the PC, to parallel the best mobile and tablet experiences but in a way that feels natural and native to a PC user. We’ll keep striving to make Pokki more fun and efficient as we continue to innovate on the design and functionality, and we hope you enjoy these changes.

Existing users will receive the update over the next few days, thanks to Pokki automatic updates. If you can’t wait – right click on the Pokki acorn icon in the taskbar and select “Check for updates”.

Download Pokki

What’s new?

New light color theme

In addition to the existing dark color theme, the Pokki Menu and notifications banners now support a light color theme. This becomes the default theme, however users can switch between themes in the settings panel.

Pokki Menu Home Screen

Refreshed layout and design

With the goal to improve usability and speed, we’ve refreshed the Pokki Menu’s layout and design. Changes to the sidebar’s width, new truncation style for favorite items, increase in favorite panel spacing, and increased font sizes are all designed to improve readability.

Another noticeable change is the relocation of notifications from the favorites panel to a drop-down window, which can be opened by clicking on the notifications button to the right of the search box. When new notifications are available, a badge will appear over the button.

Pokki Notifications

Improved search

Search is enhanced with faster speed, increased scope of searchable items, and improved accuracy of results.

Optional Windows taskbar button

We’re pleased to introduce a highly requested feature: the ability to switch the Pokki Menu’s taskbar button from the Pokki acorn to the Windows logo. The option can be toggled from the settings panel.

Pokki Taskbar Logo

Favoriting files and folders from the desktop

Files and folders can now easily be added to the favorites panel of the Pokki Menu directly from Windows Explorer. Simply right-click on a file or folder and select “Add to Pokki Menu”.

Pokki Windows Explorer

Sidebar customization

The shortcuts included in the sidebar (e.g. Computer, Pictures), as well as the display of recently used programs are configurable from the settings panel.

Pokki Settings

That’s not all. We’ve made a handful of other interface changes, and fixed common bugs. For a complete breakdown of the recent enhancements to Pokki, please visit the release notes.

Want to try out the new Pokki? Download Pokki here.

As always, we welcome your feedback and hope you share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.


Comments (75)
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  • Jared

    Give us the ability to set the icon to whatever we want. In start8 that is probably my favorite feature. It makes me hesitant to switch to Pokki.

    • teampokki

      Thanks for the suggestion! Adding your vote for this to our enhancement request list.

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  • Jared

    here’s your first bug to fix. After I uninstalled Pokki, the “add to pokki menu”, still appeared upon right clicking any icon.

    • teampokki

      Noted. We have a lock on the bug. Squishing it soon.

    • Adrian

      Thanks for reporting the problem. The bug has been fixed and solution is live.

      • Jared

        Thank you. Had to get creative with regedit. I’m impressed with your turn around time for the bug fix. You guys are on the right track. Keep up the good work.

        Some thoughts to reduce power/memory usage. Allow us an option to get rid of the shadows around the windows and maybe make it possible shut off the taskbar like function of Pokki. I’m the kind of person that likes efficiency over beauty. Plus, I’m not a fan of the way it looks next to my windows taskbar icons. Perhaps if the pokki icons were smaller and were placed in a fashion that fit into the scheme of the taskbar. But I’m no designer, I just like stuff that works and fits in with what I already have.

  • Becca

    Updated and my screen went black. I can access things through ctrl/alt/del but that’s about it.

    • Kevin

      I experienced the same issue sadly. Only option was to uninstall Pokki but getting creative with task manager. =(

      • Adrian

        Sorry you experienced this problem. The bug has been fixed, and is available through Pokki auto-update or new Pokki download from http://www.pokki.com.

        • Kevin

          That fix worked for me – thanks so much for fixing it so quickly! =) (I was actually very bummed that I thought I was going to have to go without Pokki for a while.)

          • Kevin

            Ooops. I spoke too soon. The fixed version leaves my task bar intact and functional, but the Pokki menu won’t open, and I can’t bring up the Windows 8 start menu either. I can right click on the Pokki icon on the task bar and bring up that menu, but when I click to open the settings page nothing happens. Guess I’ll have to uninstall temporarily again.

  • Mrleblanc101

    OMG fantastic update as always ! :D
    I’m so happy i have this on my windows 8 machine

    • teampokki


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  • anon

    So you know when I open the menu. What other “phone-home” feature do you have coded inside this app?

  • Tim

    Please add new features:
    - Scroll wheel can switch pages in Favorites (or hover the button not click to switch pages).
    - When I hover Favorites, All Apps, Control Panel, Shut Down, the buttons auto expand.
    - When long hover the icon in Favorites, it expands the list of recently opened files.
    - Pokki menu doesn’t close when I click an icon to open program in Favorites. I usually open many programs at the same time.
    - In All Apps:
    1. Hover folder to expand.
    2. Auto collapse old folder when expand new folder.
    3. Can rename and delete folder and shortcut. Because sometimes I uninstalled a program, folder and shortcut didn’t delete.

    • teampokki

      Thank you for the suggestions, Tim! Noted and logged :-)

    • Daniel

      also arrow keys to switch favorites. I keep on unconsciously pressing them and wondering why my page isn’t moving!

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  • nope

    Whoever wants to use this app, please block it on the firewall level. It phones home…

  • Why?

    Hey, why are you removing the posts about the “phone home” feature of your software?

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  • http://smanofsteel76.posterous.com/ Stephen J. Sundberg

    I get some sort of JIT error…Any ideas?

  • http://smanofsteel76.posterous.com/ Stephen J. Sundberg

    Nevermind I just installed as administrator and that worked!

  • Anonymizer

    Everytime you open this menu it phones home, add pokki.exe to your firewall blocked programs.

  • Daniel

    Sorry but I really hate the new layout. I miss the borders around the apps and its just a little too obtrusive for me now. Is there anyway to downgrade or just change the look back?

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  • http://twitter.com/spyros2n Spyros Gialelis

    I really like Pokki and the latest update. I already installed it in a couple of friend’s windows 8 systems and they fell in love with the start menu replacement and the nifty apps it has.

    But for me, the memory usage is an issue that prevents me from enjoying this great product. Is there any update or a roadmap about optimizing Pokki’s memory consumption ? As it stands now, having pokki along with gmail, instagrille and facebook consumes almost 100mb of ram on my x64 windows 8 machine.

    • teampokki

      Hello, Spyros. Thank you for the support and spreading the good word! Yes, optimizing the memory usage is a priority item on our roadmap. Please stay tuned! Thanks again.

  • Tester

    Thanks for the update. Only thing I miss after updating is the option to hibernate.

    • teampokki

      Are you using a Windows 8 machine? Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed the hibernate option in Windows 8.

      • tester

        Pokki previously had hibernate option which was removed after update.And hibernate option isn’t removed in windows 8, it’s just disabled. It can be enabled in advanced power options.

  • http://twitter.com/UMinguez Umberto Mínguez

    How to remove “Add to Pokki Menu” Windows Explorer? I hate it.

    • Jared

      Here it is:

      1.run a search for regedit.

      2. Open regedit

      3. open the “edit” dropdown menu from within regedit

      4. click find next

      5. type in “pokki”

      6. delete folder containing the reference

      7. repeat steps 4 – 6 until there are no pokki references left

    • Jared

      but that is if you are uninstalling. if you want to keep pokki and get rid of that from the menu instead do everything the same except search for “add to pokki menu” instead of just pokki. There should be only two registry references for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drkshenronx Brian Fairbairn

    One Major flaw from what I can see is the new notifications button. When I clicked on the Pokki Icon I was able to see everything I wanted at a glance including my calendar. Now I have to click through more things and my view of apps is obstructed when I look at my calendar. Is there any way to move the connections back to the right of my apps? Can you please give users this option. Another thing I did see was this option “Use windows logo as menu icon” which does not seem to work. Please fix these two issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.easey.3 Michelle Easey

    Shown above in one of the pictures is an iTunes app and a Skype app. But when you search it it says no searches for ” iTunes ‘ found. (Or whatever.)
    Is there anyway that I can get either of those. Or is there any other app store that I could install?

    • teampokki

      Thanks for the comment, Michelle. The search results will present files, folders and applications you’ve install onto your computer, along with relevant web results. If you search for “iTunes” and no results for downloaded software come up, visit the iTunes website and download the software directly from there. Thanks!

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  • Trieste

    Great work guys! But in this new version I miss the hibernate option that was available in previous version.

    To hibernate now, only through charms sidebar or ctrl+alt+del and then hit the power button to choose hibernate. That’s really annoying :(

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  • Connor

    Just installed this, but I don’t seem to have any of the new Windows 8 Desktop or Modern UI options. How come? I’m using Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cyryll-Andrew-Delicana/694426901 Cyryll Andrew Delicana

    is there any way Pokki could become less resource-intensive? I would really want to use it some more.

  • Robin Karlsson

    Please fix:

    The look:

    Pokki icon should be able to change to multiple execution.

    More shaves / edgier style icons (Apps) would appreciated it fit the windows better.

    More opportunities to change the look with different colors and become transparent.

    Great work!

  • David

    There’s a feature I think you should add. When I search for a file, the ones I open more often (when searching with the same words) should apear on top. Otherwise, everytime i search – for esample – for “something”, it shows lots of results, but to find the only one I need I always have to click on “Show more” (even if I always run only that one).
    It would also be nice if more results were shown. I see only 6 results, and below the “show more” button there’s plenty of blank space.

    • Adrian

      Thanks for the feedback regarding search behavior. We’ll see what we can do!

  • Q

    Pleeeeease add jump-list support. I really like Pokki but can’t live without it, which has made me switch to another product.

    • Adrian

      We will consider this in a future version, thanks for the feedback.

  • John

    On my Windows 8 64bit it freezes as soon as I open it and doesn’t take any input (mouse or keyboard). Is this a known bug?
    Otherwise, it looks great, eager to have it working. Cheers!

  • tonyo

    Thank you for adding the Windows Logo to the Pokki start button. Even though it would be a nice thing to have, to add your own icon, the Windows 8 logo was a necessity. Thank you!!!!

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  • Ekta Poladia

    pokki is a superb app…!!!

  • Timo

    After Pokki updates, Windows 8 not working anymore. Why Pokki updates not make restore point?

  • dp

    Just installed Pokki, Love it!! The design is spot on! One quick addition I’d like to ask for is arrow key functionality to be able to toggle within the entire menu. Also, is there a way to allow the Windows key to both access the Pokki menu and still maintain functionality to go to the Win8 homescreen? An option to allow a 2 second keypress to get to the homescreen would be awesome. Either way, LOVE the look, love the feel, and it works great!

    • Adrian

      Thanks for the feedback. We will consider both your requests.

  • http://www.facebook.com/derek.the.thomas Derek Thomas

    Nice idea but as I cannot install any apps is of little use. Every time I try and install an app I get a message saying it cannot be done and try later?

  • Christopher

    The location of the Shutdown button is driving me insane!!! Each time I click where the Search box should be, my computer turns OFF. Please, how can I move the Search box back where it belongs and move the Shutdown somewhere else, ANYWHERE else, just not there where the Search box should be, where I click all the time :( Please.

    • Adrian

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We originally had a double confirmation, the first being a click on the Shutdown button, and the second a dialog prompt. We removed this as several users like the additional step. We have a few ideas how to solve it for both users – stay tuned!

  • Tala Shaw

    my black pokki start screen doesnt work anymore it was nice and slick i guess i have to get the plain white one instead

  • Charles Reynolds Jr

    If anyone is trying to add apps to pokki that are already on your desktop just simply right click on it and you will see the add to pokki menu

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  • Neil Roberts

    I am loving Pokki and very tempted to switch to it, although there is one thing I am missing as a Start8 user – the option to switch back to the desktop automatically after closing a Modern UI app.

  • mi

    you forgot about «Start in» folder × working folder. ffmpeg does not work.