Instagrille is now Pixsta

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Today, we’re releasing a new version of the world’s most popular Instagram desktop app under a new name, Pixsta.

In our ongoing mission to reinvent the way apps are accessed, discovered, and distributed on the PC, bringing a beautiful Instagram experience to Windows has proven to be a hit – over 10 million of you have now downloaded Pixsta (fka Instagrille)!

Instagram recently changed its branding guidelines for third-party apps and to comply, we’ve changed the name to Pixsta in conjunction with this new version that adds support for Instagram video.

Pixsta - Instagram for your PC

With Pixsta, you can view, search, share, and download Instagram photos in all their glory on your high-definition PC monitors. Pixsta not only offers features unique to the PC, such as the ability to discover photos from users “Nearby”, but we’ve also added video support so that you can enjoy Instagram videos directly on your desktop.

Since we acquired Instagrille and re-launched it last year, we’ve seen a tremendous community of Instagrammers come together to enjoy their beloved photos on their PCs. Check out this fun infographic that illustrates just how much people love Instagram on their PC:

Pixsta - The Best Instagram App for your Windows PC

Please note: this new version of Pixsta will be available for Windows 8.1, 8.0 and 7 users only.


Q: How much does Pixsta cost?

A: $0.00 to be exact. The Pixsta app is FREE.

Q: Will I need to manually update my app?

A: No, your app will automatically update to Pixsta.

Q: Can I create an Instagram account through Pixsta?

A: No, you will need to create an Instagram account on your iOS or Android device, and then login to Pixsta with your Instagram credentials.

Q: Is Pixsta available on Mac?

A: Pixsta is only available on Windows PCs today.


Please leave us a comment below or visit our Pixsta support page if you have any questions.

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