Immersive desktop games with HTML5

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Today, we’re happy to announce the introduction of full-screen support to Pokki. This comes a month after we launched support for WebGL, accelerated Canvas and CSS, and the Web Audio API. With these emerging HTML5 technologies in Pokki, web developers can now build modern and immersive games: The full-screen API allows web apps and games to enter and exit full-screen programmatically, to deliver an immersive experience. With WebGL, stunning 3D graphics are now possible with a JavaScript API based on OpenGL ES 2.0. Canvas, SVG images, and CSS3 transitions are…

Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest in full swing

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Game On! The Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest is on and we here at the Pokki headquarters are itching to play some new games.  As GDC fast approaches, the contest is heating up.  We have been talking with some amazing developers in our developer chats and are starting to see some early entries roll in. REMINDER: As it sometimes takes a few iterations to get your games just right and into the Pokki app store, we want to remind you to not wait until the last possible minute to submit…

Happy Holidays From Pokki

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We love helping make the desktop look awesome, so we created this holiday Pokki wallpaper Please download for free by clicking on the below image.

Pokki Challenge for $50,000 – Winners Announced!

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We’re excited to announce the winners of the first ever Pokki Challenge, where web developers were given seven weeks to build the most awesome desktop apps possible. Check out what they came up with here.

My Pokki and Me

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Given all the positive feedback we got from last week’s My Pokki and Me blog we wanted to bring it back this week with some fresh meat… ahhemm… a new challenger. We don’t want to call anybody a loser, but Clement was the clear winner of last week’s Pokki team head-to-head. Clement and Gmail are moving on to the next round where he will take on Joe. To clarify, this is an internal contest – not to be confused with the Developer Pokki Challenge that just ended. Joe – Insights and Growth….